Steve has passionately documented the world around him for over 30 years ever since he got his first camera at the age of seven. He got his early training from his father, William, an avid amateur photographer who taught him about light, composition and anticipating and capturing a crucial moment. A native of the Midwest, he studied photography at Carleton College in Minnesota and the University of Missouri - Columbia before moving to San Francisco to pursue an apprenticeship in architectural photography. For two years after that Steve honed his creatively simple style while assisting many of the best commercial photographers in the city, most notably as first assistant to editorial/commercial photographer, Doug Menuez. As a full-time professional for the past 12 years, Steve has specialized in photographing real people on location, working primarily in the editorial, health care, and non-profit sectors. As an editorial portraitist, he excels at putting non-models at ease and creatively telling their story in a single image. As a travel photographer he has worked in Peru, New Zealand, Ladakh, Bhutan and the Canadian Rockies as well as throughout the United States. As a documentary photographer for nonprofit groups, he captures the essence of the programs his clients run and brings to life the communities in which they work. His images have helped win regional and national design awards for the Lucile Packard Foundation, Contra Costa First Five and Fern Tiger and Associates. Steve currently lives in Fairfax, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Rochelle Ereman.